Go to the Movies with you and your friends on us!

HDTrailerz is giving away 500 AMC Silver Experience Movie Tickets

• Silver Tickets cannot be used for Special Engagements
• This will be noted at the box office
• These are typically the first 10-14 days of the films release

Instructions, please read carefully:

1. Register on complying to the Rules and Regulations below (if you are not a member already, you must register before filling this form out.)
2. Simply fill out the form below and we will be sending you an email to your personal email address used on HDTrailerZ to confirm your mailing address:


(on HDTrailerz)




Email 3 of your friends whom you would like to be accompanied to the movie with:
Friend 1:

Friend 2:

Friend 3:

Rules & Regulations:

• Must be a Registered User on HDTrailerz
• Must write one review
• Must have profile pic
• Must have three favorite videos on their profile
• Limit one movie ticket per person per valid US mailing address and valid email address per household
• Supplies are limited to the first 500 entries
• Your mailing address will be used solely to mail you the movie ticket
• Your email address will not be shared with any third parties or solicitors
• HDTrailerz reserves all rights to changes in terms and conditions at anytime
• For any further question please contact the admin here:

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