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BLOG the-outlook-for-the-la-clippers-2010-2011-season
The outlook for the LA Clippers 2010-2011 Season
The outlook for the LA Clippers 2010-2011 Season

While the dark cloud never seems to go away for the Los Angeles Clippers. This season might finally be their break thru. Why? They have an All Star Center Chris Kaman, upcoming USA National guard Eric Gordon, 2 time all star Baron Davis, 1st Overall pic last year Blake Griffin, this year’s #8 pick Al-Farouq Aminu who was projected as early as 6 and the firing of Mike Dunleavy Sr. and hiring of Bull's ex coach Vinny Del Negro. So the talent and changes are definitely there for a playoff contending caliber team. But wait a second, sounds like a familiar song that owner Donald Sterling keeps playing for years and years. High Draft picks, unproven players with high talent and potential and a lot of hype so they can sell tickets to yet another losing season. What it will it really take to turn it around? A motivated Baron Davis to take the stronghold of the leader on a young team, as Eric Gordon mentioned in an interview recently in regards to playing with Davis. Eric quotes “It's good. We just need to get him motivated to really play. We all know he can play. As long as he stays motivated we know what he can do to help us." source: http://www.projectspurs.com/2010-articles/august/gordon-on-the-team-usa-experience-and-keeping-baron-davis-motivated.html A repeat of another All Star season from Chris Kaman. Blake Griffin to develop into an All Star as projected from his hype in college to the NBA and the coaching of Vinny Del Negro to bring team cohesiveness and his basketball knowledge to the Clippers.

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Date: 2010-08-17
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