Awesome hairstyle by Japanese public official

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awesome haircut


This hairstyle that beats fashionistars around the world is being called 'barcode cut' in Japan and Korea getting a huge attention on the net.

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Nokia wins legal battle against Apple

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nokia wins


The world's leading mobile phone maker Nokia has notched up a rare victory against arch-rival Apple as the iPhone maker agreed to settle a long-running dispute over patents.


Nokia said on Tuesday that Apple had agreed to pay royalties for the use of Nokia technology in its devices, ending all of their 46 ongoing patent disputes.


Apple and Nokia have been locked in a legal tussle since October 2009, when Nokia sued Apple in the US, arguing the iPhone-maker was getting a "free ride" on technologies patented by Nokia.


"The financial structure of the agreement consists of a one-time payment payable by Apple and on-going royalties to be paid by Apple to Nokia for the term of the agreement," Nokia said in a statement, adding that the details of the contract were confidential.


The deal constitutes a massive victory for Nokia and ends years of tit-for-tat suits filed by the two companies, with both agreeing to wi

The Tillman Story; A Story of a True Man and Despicable Men

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The Tillman Story; A Story of a True Man and Despicable Men

The Tillman Story Pat Tillman gave up millions of dollars in the NFL to join the Army Rangers. The book "Where Men win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman" by Jon Krakauer tells the personal story of how Pat Tillman decided to leave the NFL for the the Army Rangers. Pat Tillman joined the Army because he believed that if you get punched in the face you need to punch back, that was why he was such a force in the NFL. He wasn't the biggest or the strongest or even the fastest on the field but he had the drive, well and heart to rise up to challenges. That was the true meaning and motivation for him joining the Army after September 11. Tillman lived but the code of the warrior, on the football field and on the battle field. He valued toughness, strength and honor. His death by a follow Army Ranger although tragic and avoidable was something that happens in war, the decision to cover it up my the White House was inexcusable and to use him as a martyr was to act the same way as the enemy many soldiers not just Pat Tillman gave their lives to fight. Read "Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman" and watch the documentary "The Tillman Story". He embodied the true spirit of an Ame

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