Secret Recipes for those delicious Jamba Juice Smoothies!

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Jamba Juice


Here's some Secret Recipes for Jamba Juice Smoothies, all you need is a blender and the ingredients below! A great drink to have while watching a movie!

Feel free to Customize it to your taste, add more juice if it's too thick and add more
fruits and ice if it's too watery.  Jamba Juice fruits are usually frozen so I would try
using those first.  Be sure to add 1/2 cup of ice in every smoothy for that icy texture.  Click below to see the ingredients!


Aloha Pineapple


Banana Berry - Recommended


Caribbean Passion


Citrus Squeeze


Mango A Go Go


Orange A Peel


Orange Dream Machine


Peach Pleasure




Strawberry Surf Rider


Strawberries Wild - Recommended


White Gummi Bear (Secret Menu)

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Facebook will be obsolete in the next five years and these are three solid reasons why.

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No Facebook, End of facebook, Demolish of facebook, fb eclipse

Facebook will be obsolete in the next five years and these are three solid reasons why!


1.    Facebook would be perfect if it were intended for only people whom attended havard and stayed as the social network the “harvardconnection” when it had first started back in 2005.  But guess what, out of the 1 billion users out there, there is probably less then .1% of us that had attended Harvard or a prestige school of equivalent.  No one in 2005 would have predicted facebook the growth it has been through, not even the founder himself Mark Zuckerberg.  What does this mean?  We are using an extremely flawed system built to serve a network of college students less than 50k when facebook has now out grown its social ecosystem to over 1.1 billion users.  Facebook was certainly not designed for this type of scale in which it is now  used by everyday people such as parents, grandparents and everyone in the general public.  Facebook recommends and predicts the people you should be friends with.  How many times have you met an acquaintance and he or she was extremely annoying.  Do I really want to be told and recommended to be friends with this person just because he or she may be a friend of a friend’s friend?  Facebook simply extremely lacks the ability to connect you with people whom you may have a ton in common with or may have a true connection with.


Continued.. Click below to read more

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Old Man is still able to get down but then Fails Miserably!

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Old Man Dance at US Open

Big Props for this old Man dancing at the US Open, he shows that he still has it at his age.
But he then slips falls and then rolls down a flight of stairs. He ends up getting back up
and is fine so thankfully on that note which makes this video hastarically funny LOL!

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